Razors Of Light

Right, so for those of you who have been following my images of Rosie for some time, you all know how beautiful she is. No image that I or anyone else could upload, could prove to you any more, how stunning she is. Thats a given. Its a fact. There is no point in carrying on trying to prove to you something you already know. However, what you may not have noticed is just how capable she is of pulling off any particular look you may want to achieve. Some may have her as a boudoir model, some a lingerie model. You may even think, that due to her figure, she is best as a glamour model. But there is much more to this girl than we may think. I wanted to do something different. I recently (last Friday) gave up my career in order to pursue my art and writing and am due to move away from this area in the coming weeks. This was my last chance to photograph Rosie and I wanted to do something different. I wanted images that posed as many questions as they held answers and I wanted to portray her in the way I know her. Yes, she is 'dangerously' attractive. Yes, she has an amazing figure. But this is not where her well of talent ends. No, she has depths that few people may see. I think Im one of those which see's her differently to most. She exudes a sexiness which is both sensual yet cute, and she does this with a timidity that is hard to capture on film. When you know her like I do, you see it in the little mannerisms that fall in the brief silences between words. The twittering of eyelashes, the way her voice leaps at you when her passion is aroused, the way her creative spark gets ignited when discussing the finer points of subtle sexiness. She and I are on the same page artistically, we are twins in this respect. We both believe that it is in the shadows where desire is born and that it is this which gives an image its overall lust. Yes, there are some who would like to see Rosie stood stripped bare of clothes, but for each one of those I believe there are a hundred who can see her shyness in her images. There is a frailty there, a frailty that hides behind a genuine self confidence. I wanted images which conveyed a vulnerability and that showed her off as the girl I believe she is. So, with that in mind, we worked on some casual images in the style of the 1940's, with nothing but natural light to illuminate her authentic look. Simple lingerie sets, taking none of the attention away from those magnetic eyes and that impish stare. Nearly all of these images will be black and white, as when photographing in monochrome we do not photograph the detail, we photograph the tones. Rosie is amazingly beautiful, but I feel that in the following series of 50 or so images, you will see her in a whole new way. http://500px.com/photo/149739461

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