I was looking for a place for my vacation that is far far away from my country, very different from it, and it is still not poluted by millions of tourists. Somehow it was obviuous that it was in Asia. I have been to America before, I do not dare to go to Africa yet, and I have never been to Asia.

I wished to see Thailand but I knew that it was a popular destination among Europeans, so I decided not to go there. Indonesia became the first on my target list. That country sounded to me colourful and interesting but also being developed enough for a safe visit. I was checking thousands of websites, reading travelbooks and reviews and I became more and more excited. I expected a lot of sunshine, green nature and wonderful beaches.

And being there I received much more.

My flight was like Vienna-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta so I stopped in Malaysia for a few days. There many people warned me about the poverty in Indonesia some even said it wasn't going to be that safe.

But in fact I had wonderful experiences in Indonesia. Even the very first impression of the airport was great. Instead of those shiny marble airports you can find a colourful, green airport in Jakarta with a lot of wood. I loved the motives and the colours...lot of colours.

Jakarta airport

The most, people impressed me in Indonesia. Poverty is present but not poverty is the worst thing can happen in ones life. I saw families sitting on small motorbikes. Four of them. Daddy is driving, the kids behind and mommy is the last protecting the children like this. To me it was rather touchy. Some European or American families could have a happier life if they had to ride the bike like this as a family instead of sitting in their large car.

Since my first visit to Indonesia I have fallen in love. I have been there three time since then visiting Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali. And I wanna get back again and again....:)


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