Post Office

Basically I hate post offices. I always have the feeling that every minute I spend there with waiting takes an entire hour from my life. But today I saw something very interesting there. So it was no boring.

The place was crowded. Not like on the photo. Around 70-80 people were waiting, it was really a hopeless crowd. Christmas is coming. Of course that's why...

Lot of people gave up after a while but instead of just simply leaving the office they inserted their number to the edge of the machine which actually gives the number to everyone for queueing. First I thought she inserted there as she didn't want to drop it and left like that. But then I saw an other lady who picked up this number and placed her own to the edge of the machine. I realized that this is a favour people do to each other. My number was 45 and now I saw there the lonely 18 without any owner. So I walked there and I picked the 18 leaving my 45 there.  I successfully made a huge progress in the line at once. So did someone else who picked my 45 as I saw it was 60 at the machine.

Later, when more people gave up, more little tickets where around the machine. Some people ignored them and they just pulled the newest one. Others sooner or later realized that these tickets are left her with an intention and they made their fortune. It was a nice game:)

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