I always imagined Sydney as a large city with a lot of skyscrapers and with a busy cosmopolitan life. Something like New York or Singapore.

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But in fact I found that Sydney had a downtown called CBD (central business district) but otherwise the entire city looked rather like a green holiday resort with a lot of cute family houses. Like many little towns connected to each other making a big city. Beaches, parks, sport facilities, community golf field. 

Australia is a relaxed place, and now I understand why they keep saying: "no worries". This is not a country where people are dying due to the stress. I like many facts in Australia. It is super green, and they made efforts to keep it like that. Strong middle class. Even blue collar workers (tradies) can make a good money and I saw waitresses making above $20/hour and they are not forced to live on tips. 

I used to live in Glebe (a certain area of Sydney) and I was really impressed by the strong community commitment there. Instead of multinational chains, majority of the stores and restaurants are owned by local people having their unique style keeping the middle class alive. The community is so strong in many areas of Sydney that they simply do not let TESCO and other large chains to settle down as they know it would destroy local businesses for a few dollars savings on groceries. 

Sydney and Melbourne are cities that you may call: all in one. Due to the coastline situation and related to their very multicultural atmosphere, you can find opportunities whichever subculture you belong to. Surfers, businessmen, hard worker Asians and easy going street performers can also maintain a lifestyle here. 

In Melbourne I could sense the large variety of lifestyles. On the Fitzroy road you can see wealthy people and one-pair-of-jeans survivals walking beside each other. Sydney is more fancy I guess. To maintain a proper lifestyle there you have to reach a certain level. Maybe in Newtown there is space for alternative lifestyles but that place is rather fancy and not a shelter for low incomers. 

People are...friendly. But in a way that I would already consider as flirty and approaching in my country. Aussie people love to maintain short chilly conversations even with strangers when they have a short encounter. Of course this conversation is on the surface only but you can play a very funny game with Aussies. Ask always back when they ask something, and you will see they always have one sentence more. 

Impossible to win this game against them:)

Of course there are some disadvantages or challenges, too. Not only salaries but prices are also high in Australia. In fact everything costs 4 times more than at home in my country. If you do not have a job, life is not easy overthere and unless you manage a very low profile lifestyle you can't survive with a backpacker strategy on a long run. There is a huge industry for backpackers in Australia but this is not a "3 dollars in my packet" business. The country is expensive. 

I consider Australia as a great place in general, with a lot of opportunities. Even if there are still tensions about migration and around the aboriginal communities what this country has achieved was achieved by the very different people coming down to Australia. For me its not a question that this country is a success story of multiculturalism and represents the future in many aspects.

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