The 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution in 1956.

Budapest the capital of the freedom. This is the text exhibited here and I guess the core element of the revolution was really around the freedom.
Budapest the capital of the freedom

Freedom from the Soviet Union's influence and freedom from the crazy reality of the '50s when they arrested people at nights with these dark, black cars.
1956 The internal events became very quickly a war against the Soviet Union with these weapons below. Like when David was fighting against Goliat but the miracle didnt happen again.



After 13 days Russian red army invaded the country and they broke down
the revolution and till 1989 a frightening big silence was in the society about 1956. You can read more about it here.
Corvin Movie Theatre

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2 Responses to 1956

White Forest said...

awesome pics!!

Fatima Vinagre said...

Nice place and photos! I never was in Budapest, but seems to be beautifull.
See you!


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